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Stay patient and calm, says Ganesha. Remember one thing that differences and tiffs are temporary; so do not take any such step for which you might have to repent later. Are you making travel plans now? Well, chances of your going on a pilgrimage or where a spiritual Guru resides, or even to a higher institute of learning are foreseen — as around 11th — Jupiter makes a major move to your 9th House — Sagittarius. This will be hugely relieving for you — though results will manifest gradually.

There will be opportunities and decisions. Go slow, though, as a plenty of astral re-alignment is in the pipeline. Soon, Venus becomes direct in Libra — which is another reason to rejoice. Mars moves to Pisces — your 12th, which means, at the same time you have to guard against wastefulness, risks and over-indulgences. Most notably, Rahu enters Cancer, while Ketu enters Capricorn. Finally, Mercury turns retrograde in Sagittarius — your 9th. Whew — too much happening! This is a time of mixed blessings.

Love blooms. But, at work, you may be expected to work extra hours.

Around 24th, Sun also moves to your 9th House — joining the cosmic party there. The spotlight falls on you! You are the best judge! With too many tasks to complete, you seem to be running against time. As the month begins, take time out to sit with your loved ones. They will love you more for this!

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  4. On 2nd and 3rd, domestic matters keep you busy. Are you re-arranging furniture at your residence? Work takes a busy stance, as the weekend approaches. You wish to enhance your income, but it would be best to stick to conservative and ethical routes, says Ganesha.

    A work conflict awaits you on 7th or 8th. Just be as amicable as you can.

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    Just bide your time; this is not a time to take a life-altering decision. Steer clear of arrogant and harsh behaviour. On 11th, Jupiter moves to its own Sign — Sagittarius — your 8th House. Meanwhile, Mars moving through your 10th House - along with Ketu - will keep you immersed in work activities. Note that some heavy duty cosmic shifting is aligned for the next few days. So, while a lot remains same on the surface, there is plenty of internal churning. Stay centred! Mars moves to your 11th House - Pisces.

    Another positive indication!

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    And, as if this was not enough — Mercury turns retrograde, around the same time. Naturally, you run for cover — and love comes to your rescue.

    A new found partner enchants you. Ones playing the field have a ball! Travel plans scheduled, however, may meet some glitches, especially if they are work-related. Be careful, and postpone to the next month. Distractions galore! This may make you miss a deadline, warns Ganesha. Students looking for an employment opportunity to add to their pocket money are advised to stop neglecting their studies; complete your education first!

    Love, electric physical chemistry and maddening attraction light up your life, as the month ends. Money is on your mind on the 1st. Avoid short-term travel for work or business on 2nd and 3rd, as it may largely be fruitless. Work remains busy and frenzied, though. On 4th, a younger sibling needs your guidance and support. Be there! By 7th, you may be grumpy, but the New Moon from 8th will surely bring you out of the blues, assures Ganesha.

    Cash on the positives that rally around you — look carefully. By 11th, a major planetary change is taking place. Jupiter moves to Sagittarius — your 7th House. Results will manifest over the next one year. By 12th, you seem to be getting restless. Is it about the laggard career growth? Continue relentlessly, as learning and hard work will always keep you in good stead. Soon enough, many cosmic changes take place- which will improve things considerably.

    Last, but probably the most notoriously in terms of immediate results , Mercury turns retrograde in your 7th House. Be very careful with your words and expressions, especially when it concerns your confirmed, precious relations. Thankfully, the picture is bright and lovely on 19th and 20th, what with Venus making your life charming and love-infused. Just stay amicable and flexible, though.

    By 24th, Sun also joins the planetary party in your 7th House. Business partnerships and marriage related stuff come to the forefront. On 26th, are you thinking of making some extra money? Illusions are likely, so stay guarded. At home, discontent and disconnect may leave you dazed; try to settle the matters amicably. Be the big-hearted, forgiving one in your precious equations. Have confidence in yourself, and those you truly matter! By 2nd or 3rd, your faith will be restored. On 5th, home and loved ones top your mind space.