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Dichotomies like genius or madness, are established in this sign, books from the beginning of the last century spoke to us of the tirabombas, the anarchist, so another feature is the nonconformist. Aquarius represents friendship, friends play a key role in their life. This is to be understood as that personal interest happens in the background, giving priority to a social interest, so it will tend to share with others, so not only friends but groups with their common interest can be significant for an Aquarium.


Aquarius must be able to share his ideas, his visions but he will be caught by his own vision, if he manages to share them he will find his freedom. Aquarius and Health What are the weaknesses? As for the health Aquarius rules in the zodiacal man the calves and the ankles. In the predisposition towards the disease or weak points of the Aquarius are varices, arteriosclerosis, anemia and circulatory problems in general.

Also be alert with the nervous system, as aquarium is a sign of air and the nervous system is intensified. Breathing, remembering to breathe deeply, catching air, relax the mind, thoughts, stop mental activity is forced on anyone, but Aquarius must have it very present. The sport or physical exercise is a great ally for the health of the Aquarium because on the one hand helps to improve or prevent their circulatory problems and on the other hand also helps you to discharge your stress.

Aquarius Daily Health And Well Being Horoscope

Walking, walking or walking at a good pace outdoors are almost essential exercises for your health. Medicinal plants or herbal medicine can be of great help. We can take an infusion of circulatory plants Hawthorn, Ginkgo, Chestnut, etc. As in each country predominate a series of medicinal plants, it is ideal to ask for advice in the herbalist or pharmacy. Aquarium and Health: Bach Flowers. A possible flower remedy or Bach Flower would be Water Violet Water Violet as it can bring humility and in that way be able to enrich their relationships with others.

Beech can give them more tolerance and understanding. Cerato Cerato stigma will help them to have their own criteria and not be influenced by others. Breathing deeply, catching air, relaxing the mind is forced on anyone but Aquarius must keep it very present if you want to enjoy good health.

So any relaxation technique that favors conscious breathing Silva, Yoga, Vyayam, Tai-chi, etc.

Sign in. Log into your account. Moodiness, pouting, sudden flare-ups could occur.

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Even business relationships could be hindered. You have some lessons to learn this year in relationships and those lessons will not decrease in Personal power is yours in in the world of work. You will have some restlessness until mid year when it all seems to come together. You will simply exude self-confidence and assuredness and others will follow. It is a time to reap the harvest of what you have been doing but in a new direction or a new way.

You crave respect and you will finally have it by the end of the year.

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Money finds you in You have been focusing on it for the past few years and it finds you in every way possible. You have bigger everything: larger sales, promotions, honors, recognitions, income. It is a good year.

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The only hindering factor in your income production is in the relationships that may support that income production. It would be well to shore up the relationships if your income or finances depend upon the relationship. Spring is a good time to seek outside advice and assistance with finances. By the end of the year, you will see it as a year of strong, steady increase and progress. You could be strongly drawn to alternative health practices in and it will be to your benefit to integrate them into your life.

Aquarius Daily Health Horoscope |

You have enjoyed vibrant physical health in past years, but health challenges early in the year will lead you to alternatives and healing. It will take a couple of months but you will not have serious setbacks.

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In you will need good health as your relationship issues and partnerships will continue to cause great stress. Stress could take a bodily toll then so it is time to put good practices in place in Relationships and commitments bring in the most profound and significant life changes early in the year and then this influence switches to how you give of self. You are a unique and fiercely independent individual.

Health problems associated with Aquarius

Different from anyone, you want to be original and will do anything to be unconventional. You want to be free to follow your own path. This makes you unpredictable. Therefore, you always react against convention or expectations. At your worst you become a rebel.

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