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In fact, you even might feel like that now.

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Lucky you! If you are single, romance is hot on. If you are attached, you act like newlyweds or new lovers. If you are an artist, you seem to channel a creative piece of work. Your libido is working overtime, and as a result, you could welcome a new addition to your family. Some of you will get positive feedback from your boss.

Yes, there might be more work, but also a pay raise. You are dealing with a tight budget or a mate who seems to withhold at times. Give this person some space. You have so much going on that you will be capable of letting this person work through his or her issues alone.

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Throw yourself fully into to maximize every moment. Your focus through the beginning of September is your home and domestic life. Where you live or the condition of your home could be issues that need to be addressed. Some of you will move or remodel your present home. You will be a lot happier, and as a result you might opt for a home-based business.

You are likely to enter a tense period around May and June, where you will have to deal with a situation involving a key person in your life who is closed down. Give this person the space to work through this issue on his or her own. Understand this, too, will pass. If you are attached, you act like new lovers. You also might be welcoming a new addition to your family. Start smiling now! Throw a party at your pad. You will express a greater need to communicate clearly and to have people respond to you accordingly. Your day-to-day life takes on a far more upbeat tone. You seem to appreciate the many facets of your life, and you tend to be more present in the moment.

People gravitate toward you. Some of you even might sign up for a class or workshop to expand your knowledge. When times gets tense, which they likely will in late spring, you will rely on your new communication skills to bypass any problems. Some of you might welcome a new roommate, while others decide to move. As a Cancer, nothing will make you more content than having a beautiful home to entertain friends and family.

Do just that as fall comes and goes. Expect charming, entertaining conversations with a very positive start to the year. You are a sign that loves to live life to the fullest. You will see an upward swing financially. You could see your funds rise to an all-time high, as long as you can curb some of the spending you tend to do without thinking.

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You greet every day with a bigger smile. Whatever is putting a smile on your face is genuine and real. This type of behavior will draw many people toward you. The first year is considered one of the most fortunate. Understand that not every moment will feel perfect, but for the most part, your energy and intellect can draw in what you want and help you in general. In action, you will be spontaneous. It is important that you clearly know what your long-term goals are. Go over them to make sure you still want to pursue them. Nothing is more irksome than achieving a long-term desire only to find out that you no longer really want it.

Be positive, and you will be able to manifest much more of what you decide is important. During this same period, others find you to be unusually attractive. If you are single, you might need to work to keep that status. After September, you will receive much more of what you want.

As comes to a close, you will be beaming. Look over your long-term goals, and take the time to update them. This year, you are likely to see your circle of friends expand. You also see life as having endless possibilities. If you are single, you easily could meet that special person.

Learning to be flexible could be very important to your well-being. As you nestle into , make a wish list. You will be able to realize at least one of your dreams in the next year. You will see a lot of changes come forward. Count on being full of excitement. This year you will jump right in and live life to the fullest.

No sign loves love like a Leo. Needless to say, your romantic life spices up considerably. With this intense focus on love and romance, you will smile from ear to ear in Everyone might think you have the perfect life. With all this attention on your personal life, you will have to discipline yourself to handle the less joyous areas of your life. You will be very happy if you can work from home, so do your best to arrange that possibility.

You will find solutions with ease, no matter what slams into your path. Your biggest issue this year will be learning to breathe deeply when the unexpected happens. If any sign can handle uproar, it is yours.


As you allow your emotions to play a large role in , you can focus your energy on positive resolutions. Pop a bottle of Champagne, because you were given the gift of a very special year. You might have to push yourself to think in the long term, especially when looking at your future.

Your mood can change by the hour. You have a steel-trap mind when it comes to the past. This year, you might find that you are busier than you thought possible. You could get a pay raise or promotion.

Jacqueline Bigar's 2016 Stars horoscope

Take good care of yourself. Relationships have tested your endurance, especially a long-term bond. If you can, be patient. The best is yet to come. You will get the first glimpse of what trust will give you in December Everyone counts on your friendly and happy ways. Others will note a new quality emanating from you on a deeper level.