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In fact, you even might feel like that now.

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Lucky you! If you are single, romance is hot on. If you are attached, you act like newlyweds or new lovers. If you are an artist, you seem to channel a creative piece of work. Your libido is working overtime, and as a result, you could welcome a new addition to your family. Some of you will get positive feedback from your boss.

Yes, there might be more work, but also a pay raise. You are dealing with a tight budget or a mate who seems to withhold at times. Give this person some space. You have so much going on that you will be capable of letting this person work through his or her issues alone.

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Throw yourself fully into to maximize every moment. Your focus through the beginning of September is your home and domestic life. Where you live or the condition of your home could be issues that need to be addressed. Some of you will move or remodel your present home. You will be a lot happier, and as a result you might opt for a home-based business.