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Tinley, and Sarah Street as Rosie Redmond. Running time is 2 hours and 15 minutes including an intermission. This season, Michael R. Despite the importance of the discussion Michael R. There is enough genuine grit in Michael R.

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The plot is predictable, the characters are stereotypical and some of the humor is questionable in the present socio-political climate, but when all is said and done, it is just harmless fun created in a different era with no underlying message but created for pure entertainment. The plot follows David Kolowitz a waggish Chris Dwan and his dream to leave the Bronx to become a famous actor and movie star. He joins an acting school and is cast in a production by the owner and director Marlowe an exasperated David Schramm because his daughter and leading lady Angela a frolicsome Farah Alvin thinks he is cute.

When his parents the delightful Alison Fraser and solid Robert Picardo discover why he is coming home so late they forbid him to do the play and force him to go to Pharmacy school. To complicate the situation David is a bit girl crazy having a steady girlfriend Wanda a supportive Allie Trimm and a huge crush on the clerk at the hat store Miss B a seductive Dana Costello. Of course, everything works out in the end as it always does in musical comedy.

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The reason this production works much better than the original is because it is scaled down and certainly plays better as a small intimate musical. The downside is that it is difficult to keep the energy up without those big production numbers and the weak book becomes more front and center. The cast must be perfect, committed to the broad and physical humor of the genre.

This current revival certainly comes close, but the vivacity and spirit are too erratic and rely too much on the musical numbers to keep on pace.

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Dwan is a joy to watch and is reminiscent of a young Jerry Lewis with a rubber face and fluid movement taking advantage of every possible opportunity to use his comic skills and agile physicality. The cast rounded out by Raji Ahsan, Ray DeMattis and Joe Veale are more than competent but need to ramp it up a notch to match and support the indefatigable and agile David Kolowitz. The creative team includes James Morgan sets , Tyler M. Running time is 2 hours and 20 minutes with one intermission.

Alix a languid and defeated Molly Griggs and her mother Fiona an equivocating and frenzied Samantha Mathis are kicked out from pay-by-the-day motels for not meeting payment. Three lost children and two ineffective adults at odds with visions of the future. The two teenagers meet obstacle after obstacle in their efforts to move forward with their lives, and many of those obstacles are of their own making.

The bird is an obvious trope for the brokenness shared by Mason and Alix and their need to be set free from their current impairments and entrapments. Although this provides a modicum of catharsis, playwright Carla Ching takes too long to reach that resolution.

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Additionally, both playwright and director make some odd choices. For example, in an early conversation between Mason and his father, James undresses and, instead of putting on a bathrobe as the script suggests, sits in his underwear throughout the call. Running time is 2 hours and 10 minutes including one minute intermission.

Unfortunately, this is not the case. After all, apparently, they were close while Craig was alive. Peter makes a deliberate choice to move to Manhattan and seek work as an actor there. These flashbacks also reveal more about Craig and his lack of self-worth, his misogyny, and the real reason for his untimely death. To say more about any of these issues would require spoiler alerts.

It is enough to know that both Craig and Peter exhibit the symptoms of a narcissistic personality disorder and are dangerous young men.

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It is difficult to care for characters who fail to care for themselves or for one another, behave in ways that connect to reality only tangentially, and make choices that defy logic. Colin Woodell fares better than Mary Elizabeth Winstead who is making her theatre debut with this performance. It is difficult to understand fully why Second Stage chose to reprise this flawed drama that fails on every count to provide a satisfying dramatic arc that results in a much-needed catharsis.

Laura Smith serves as production stage manager. Running time is 1 hour and 30 minutes without intermission. A pile of old broken electronics gathers dust in the corner. A small wooden box sits near the door. There are times when some of the threads seem without any meaningful content and become, unfortunately, lost on the audience. There are so many detailed and repetitive moves and notes and sounds that it is remarkable the members of the cast are never in the wrong place at the wrong time or ticking off binary beats in the wrong dimension. The cast also includes Jonathan Christopher and Nicole Weiss.

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Running time is 1 hour and 40 minutes without intermission. Amid unprecedented national and political division, issues of gender identity, gender equality, and gender protection continue to be critically important. Individual rights and freedoms are eroding at a dangerous pace. Religious rights are becoming more significant than the rights of individuals to make choices about their bodies, their relationships, and about their futures.

Kate Hamill gives her characters unique and authentic conflicts which the actors successfully employ to develop their characters with believability and develop the plot. Themes and conflicts counterpoint one another and the comparison and contrast of these provide enough dramatic progression. Unfortunately, there are times this production seems like the effort of a substantial community theater and disappoints more than it succeeds.

These constant distractions diminish the impact of the work of the actors. No one should abide being a body stuffed into the wrong role.

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Deborah Abramson serves as the composer. Running time is 2 hours and 5 minutes with one intermission.

The kind of pretending that has the chance of making an incursion into the blinding light of reality. Frankie hosts her coworker Johnny Michael Shannon at the apartment for their first date and their first sexual encounter. She wants neither scenario but is too afraid to open herself up to the possibility for a healthier relationship. These two actors are stunning together and support one another as they lay bare the layers of their characters and expose their deep and enduring conflicts.

They could not be more comfortable in their skin and in their willingness to be completely transparent. At some point, Frankie and Johnny will need to go back to work. Will their emerging love and respect for one another survive in the light of day? Or will it be like the lives of occupants of the two apartments Frankie is able to see from her window. Will any of us survive in the glaring light of judgement and criticism? For Terrence McNally intends his tender play to be for all who are struggling for meaning in relationship and in self.

God, how I wish you two really existed. General Manager. For the performance schedule and to purchase tickets, visit FrankieAndJohnnyBroadway. Running time is 2 hours and 15 minutes, including one minute intermission. Kai is a white university student athlete who was convicted of raping a black female student behind a dumpster at the school and is half-way through his six-month sentence.

Choosing not to focus on the survivor but rather on the family of the criminal, playwright Selina Fillinger walks a fine line between redemption and reclamation. The playwright wants the audience to somehow accept alternative facts — sexual predators and their families are more important than survivors and their trauma.

She scrubs so hard on the dumpster she fails to come clean herself. She is dishonest with Joey, with her husband, and with her own superego.

Join scores of award-winning poets from Tamaki Makaurau and from across Aotearoa from Dunedin to the Coromandel, Napier to Whangarei who are reading their work or speaking in korero sessions at the NZ Poetry Conference in Auckland 10 — 12 November. This conference follows on from the successful Wellington Poetry Conference, and the inaugural Havelock North korerorero in The renowned crawl will be held on Saturday 11 November and will have more events than ever before!

Catherine Chidgey will be discussing her brand new found novel 'The Beat of the Pendulum', with short fiction writer Tracey Slaughter. Nation Dates is a book founded on our belief that, to understand where we are heading, we need to know where we have been. How does the short story measure up to the novel in New Zealand literary circles? Book events and opportunities for writers calendar.