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If it does not, check a spam folder or junk folder to see if it was placed there. These reports leave out interpretations of things that are dependent on having an accurate birth time, such as planets in houses and the Ascendant. Note also that some reports are not available in a " Birth Time Unknown " version because they require a birth time.

A lthough the Cosmo Natal Report is free, it is a beautifully written and detailed report. This is our free gift to you and we appreciate your support and enthusiasm so we can continue to offer this free service. Cosmo Natal is a shorter version of the Merlin Report, and the Merlin Report is one of our most popular reports.

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The Cosmo Natal Report is so good that we regularly receive comments from people telling us that the Cosmo Natal Report is better than reports that they pay for. Why settle for overly simplistic Sun Sign reports and other very limited reports when Cosmo Natal is free? Let your friends know about the awesome services provided at StarGuidance and our sister sites Cosmic Patterns , Matrix Software and our free astrology tutorial videos at YouTube.

You will receive the product ordered and it will have the same features as the sample report of the product you order.

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These products are professionally developed and of high quality, and there are no refunds on purchases of reports via the automated online chart service. Treasure Maps utilize very sophisticated astrological techniques that provides you with accurate and useful information. You can also customize the astrological influences that are analyzed to produce the Treasure Map and other AstroMaps in Kepler. While adding all of these features, Kepler has not only become much more powerful, flexible, and versatile, but the program is also slightly easier to use than Kepler 6.

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As each new version of Kepler expands in power, we are also making sure that this increased power does not interfere with you ability to get directly to the features you want and not to be distracted by the new features. Our goal is to ensure that Kepler not only does not become more difficult to use but that we've taken steps to make improvements to the ease of use; we have achieved this goal with Kepler 7. Below is a short list of new features added to Kepler 7. Now Kepler has 16 House Systems.

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Midpoint trees in longitude or declination and listings, graphic ephemeris of color-coded natal, progressed, and transiting planets in longitude or declination 90 Degree Dials, Huber wheels, BiWheels, Tri-Wheels, QuadWheels, MultiWheels, Aspects and Midpoints Comparisons, etc. Extraordinary research capabilities, including assumptionless research and creating sophisticated astrological signatures.

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Optional 22, Asteroids. The samples shown here are just a few of the many possibilities, and you can also customize chart wheels in countless ways.

Kepler allows you to change the size of the chart wheel, the way in which cusps are drawn and planets are placed in the wheel, colors, what tables appear, you can merge graphics onto the wheel, which planets appear in the wheel and the tables, how much information to put in the aspect grid, etc. You can now produce chart wheels with essential dignities, almuten, and conjunctions to fixed star tables, and you can also select a square chart wheel, if you wish, as well as many other features that are used in medieval and hellenistic astrology.