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People often overlook the sociability of this zodiac sign. In a similar vein, Libras are one of the most manipulative zodiacs even though you might not think it.

The Zodiac Signs Ranked From The Funniest To The Not So Funny

No one seems to notice, so no harm don e , right? People from this zodiac sign are more than happy to flirt and tease multiple people to test out if they are a potential partner. Whilst they may not be the cause, they are more than happy to take the fall if it means that the group dynamic remains harmonious. Those born under this zodiac often have a strong affinity with art and fashion as they both constitute forms of external beauty.

When it comes to picking friends, and relationships, the biggest no-no for a Libra is selfishness. As people that always put the collective happiness above their own needs, selfish people are their direct enemies when it comes to maintaining harmony. When it comes to their attitude towards life , Libras most definitely belong to some of the more laid-back zodiac signs. They need partners who help complete them with other qualities that they perhaps may lack.

Hi i am Daniel and a Libra , idk what to say except i feel i should go against the expected libra. Cool gilmrl ghh. Libra Gang Is it just me or all libras cant pick a ice cream flvor.

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The problem with Leo is that she can get a little carried away. A Taurus is very passive with her humor. She can be funny without trying but people have to be paying very close attention. Being a stubborn sign can hinder her humor if she feels that no one will find what she has to say funny. While she feels that she is being funny and cheeky others can perceive it as a little insulting and mean. Capricorns should try and show a little more humor to others and learn to try and laugh at herself. She will tend to be more passive and not show her emotions and be a little aloof in those situations.

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Molly Given. Zodiac , Self September 22, Some signs are just able to see the humor in everything.

Want to check out your weekly horoscope? Ruled by the planet Venus , Libra often craves the approval of others. Even more importantly, this sign needs to be needed, and one way of achieving this goal is to fit into to any social situation that arises. Libra excels when it comes to making others feel comfortable. While this sign has many positive traits, one potential pitfall is the need to go through life with rose-colored glasses. Libra is naturally optimistic and will often look on the bright side of things, even when other factors say otherwise.

Articulate and charming, Libra has a way with words and an ability to talk herself out of even the most difficult situations.

How to Understand Libra Horoscope Sign - Zodiac Signs

It also helps that Libra is a gracious winner, even going so far as to reassure those she has defeated. It's lovable traits like these that endears Libra to many. Libra is naturally drawn to subtle and moderate colors, and she favors pastels, ecrus and grays over intense primary colors and bright shades.

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While it may take Libra a while to focus and hone in on what she wants to do, once she does, there is a very good chance of success. Libra is not a frugal sign, and she'll spend money to make money. On the flip side, those loose purse strings can get Libra into trouble as she does occasionally make extravagant and even careless purchases. Libra has the ability to see the big picture, and this often comes in handy when making key decisions.

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When it comes to choosing a career , Libra should make good use of the sign's well-honed sense of analysis; Libra is able to look at a problem from every angle and quickly weigh the possible solutions. A skilled philosopher with the ability to think about intangible concepts, as well as things that are more concrete, Libra is often indispensable to coworkers and managers alike.

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Libra is talented at many things, so it may take a while to find the best niche for her talents, but she shouldn't get discouraged! Keep in mind that Libra is a cardinal sign, and that means starting projects is your forte. This can be particularly true if Libra is in a cutting edge field or needs to partner with another person to make the project successful.