Number 23 pink birthday candle

Sarah August 4, Ooh, yay! Kara August 4, I have used the Flamingo candles before, they were such a hit!

Number 1 Birthday Candle, 3 in, Pink, 1ct

Will be using them again for sure. Monique WritingMonique August 4, All These Candles are absolutely gorgeous!

Oh who am I kidding?! I love them all! There is way too much cakey cuteness in this post!!

Love the insanity of all those colorful candles on top of one cake … XO. Big ones, little ones, sparkly ones, rainbow ones. All of the birthday candles you can ever need.

Vicky April 11, Gouden kaarsjes en een niet perfect glad gestreken botercreme taart doet de truc. Zorg voor […].

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Number Birthday Cake Candles

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